Why Do I connect so slow? (Issue 1029)


Modem Connection Speed Issues. Why Do I connect so slow?


1.By its nature, 56k is limited to 53k because of voltage restrictions on the line. It is further limited by the quality of the phone architecture (routers, switch boxes, etc.) in your location.
Customers report an average of between 38k and 44k speeds.
2.Although V.90 (the latest 56k standard) is theoretically backward compatible with k56flex and X2, in practice this does not seem to be case. For reliability and speed, upgrade your k56flex or X2 modem to the V.90 standard.
3.Our past experience with 33.6k modem connections in Peachland taught us that connections there weren't on par with everyone else's - and that seems to be the case again with 56k.
4.Because 56k is a new technology, you will likely have to download new modem drivers for it, almost as soon as you get it. The delay from when the modem was made to when it was shipped is long enough for there to be several new revisions. In some cases, you might even have to request for a ROM chip update. Most modem manufactures have been reasonable about this, offering these upgrades and bug fixes free.