Is there a size limit to file attachments? (Issue 1008)


I get an error when I try to send an email with a file attachment, or someone who is sending me a message with a file attached gets an error message.


Many ISP's impose a limit to the size of the file you can attach to a message, Fidalgo Networking limits this to 50MB which is a very large file, most other ISP's limit this to 10 to 25MB.

Other considerations need to be taken into account as well, large file attachments can be difficult for some people to download via email, and will often fail.

If you must attach a file to your message, make sure it is compressed with WinZip, or send several messages with a couple files attached instead of just one message with a bunch of files attached. It also considered polite to first ask the person you are sending the attachment to if they mind or expect a problem with receiving attachments.