Cannot send email while on the road (Issue 1007)


Cannot send email while traveling


Most ISP block the use of their SMTP port to prevent spammers from using this service. To provide security ISP's use a system called SMTP-AUTH.

To enable SMTP Auth in your email program follow these steps for the various email clients:

Outlook Express:

1) Tools
2) Mail (tab)
3) Properties
4) Servers (tab)
5) Check "My server requires authentication"
6) Click "OK"

Office Outlook (version 10):

1) Select "Tools"
2) Select "E-mail Accounts"
3) Select "View or change existing e-mail accounts" click "Next"
4) Click "Change" (button)

MAKE SURE 'SPA' IS NOT CHECKED (lower left hand corner)

5) More Settings (button)
6) Outgoing Server (tab)
7) Check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
8) Slect "Use same settings as my incoming server"
9) Click "OK"
10) Click "Next"
11) Click "Finish"


1) Tools
2) Options
3) Getting Started (category)
4) Check "Allow Authentication"
5) Click "OK"

Apple/Mac Mail

1) Click "Preferences" on menu
2) Select the appropriate account under "Accounts"
3) Click "Account Information" tab
4) Select "Server Settings"
5) Select "Password" from Authentication drop down list
6) Enter "User Name" and "Password (Optional)"
7) Click "OK"


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